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Best quality HANDMADE MINIATURES from THAILAND. The best choice and worth for collectible, decoration or give to someone special.

Categories : Furniture / Display


Clay flowers are made from Thai clay (air dried clay). 
Detailed, meticulous and beautiful. Suitable for use as decorations for houses, workplaces, or for gifts and souvenirs.

Easy to clean just use a brush to dust. And use a clean cloth moistened with water to wipe gently, it will look beautiful, bright, moist pieces, maintaining beautiful condition for many decades.

Material :  Wood Kiosk , Ceramic Vase/Pot , Clay flower
Size (Approx) :  Kiosk 4 x 7 x 8 inch // Please see at photo
Quantity : 1 Kiosk  , 41 Loose Flower , 6 Ceramic Pot , 13 Flower/Plant in Pot

Caution: Should not be immersed in water or washed.

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