6 Pcs Wooden Books HARRY POTTER Set No.2


A great way to brighten your mini house day! All products are handmade from Thai people and distribute in Thailand. These miniature can decorate your house and for those who love this tiny pieces as well. It is best choice and worth for collectible, home/shop decor or give to someone special.

Categories : Accessory / Supply


Item Specifics
Set No. 2
Material : Inkjet Paper on Wood (Book cannot open)
Size (Approx) : 2 x 2.5 cm.
Quantity : 1 Set ( 6  Pieces)

** Moreover If you are finding a gift to somebody **
This is a perfect and handmade gift to give somebody to celebrate
their Birthdays,Weddings,New Years, Bon Voyage Gift, Christmas,
Anniversary , Housewarming , or all special occasions ,
or any celebration gift you can think of. :D

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